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Arley Ergo Tub 26L

Arley Ergo Tub 26L

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XL infant and baby bath tub with infant bath seat and anti-slip surface

Bath time is essential, and it can also be a relaxing, fun and beautiful bonding experience between parent and child.  That is why every inch of the Arley Ergo Tub is carefully thought out with the safety, comfort and practicality for both the baby and adult in mind.

Aesthetic Delight
Inspired by a mother’s gentle love, the Arley Ergo Tub exudes sleek curves and clean design that embody Nordic minimalism. Perfect for your beautiful baby.

Ergonomic Design
Designed to securely cradle your baby, the Arley Ergo Tub features an ideal incline for babies and a removable infant bath seat for smaller infants. This allows baby to comfortably lean back to enjoy nice warm baths while providing you with more freedom of movement to help minimize fatigue and strain.

Safety, Convenience and Practicality
Its anti-slip surface helps keep baby from slipping and sliding, while its soap dish lets you keep your frequently used baby soap within reach so that you can focus your attention on baby at all times. The Arley Ergo Tub  is also made from easily cleaned and durable plastic and silicone. Its large silicone handle lets you conveniently carry, move and store it or hang it to dry when not in use.

*It is not recommended to use ANY bath tub (not just the Arley Ergo Tub) with ANY bath tub stand, because once baby is strong enough to move about, the risk of baby falling off or causing the bath tub stand to topple over increases. Furthermore, most bath tub stands are made from metal that gets rusty very quickly due to it always getting wet, which poses a risk of it breaking especially as baby gets bigger, heavier and more active.

Made to Last
Arley Ergo Tub is made from super strong, ultra-durable materials that makes it practically unbreakable. Thank the advanced manufacturing process and premium materials that it is made with, it remains flexible and lightweight for your comfort and convenience.

Size: 85cm x 46cm x 33cm
Weight: 1.7kg
Shipping weight: 2kg
Bathtub/Infant Insert: PP,  heat resistant up to 100°C
Water Cap/Handle/Soap Dish: TPE, heat resistant up to 90°C
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