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Kinderkraft Finio 2-in-1 Bouncing Chair

Kinderkraft Finio 2-in-1 Bouncing Chair

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The Kinderkraft Finio is a stylish bouncing chair suitable form birth. It can be set in a stable position or be used as a baby rocking chair.

2-in-1 Finio Bouncy chair with a rocker function

The Kinderkraft Finio is a bouncer with a rocker function.

Finio bouncy chair

If your hand and/or back need some rest your baby will love to give you a break in the Finio bouncy chair.

Finio Babyrocker 

You can use the Finio as a rocking chair. The bouncer Finio is equipped with a rocker function. You can regulate the swing frame as you wish. Depending on whether your baby wants to be rocked or not, you can bring the swing frame into the swing position or with one movement into the stable position.

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