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Maxi Cosi Priafix

Maxi Cosi Priafix

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PriaFix is ​​a new product of Maxi-Cosi’s Pria baby car seats. The design, appearance, and color scheme of PriaFix are very fashionable and popular among young parents of the 1980s and 1990s generations. Meanwhile, the product is made of high-safety and comfortable skin-friendly fabric. To ensure the quality, PriaFix plastic parts are made of 100% pure raw materials without any recycled materials.

With regard to safety, PriaFix’s headrests use the patented technology of AirProtect side impact protection on both sides. When the side impact occurs, the advanced air-release system can instantly disperse the impact force and share the impact force for the child’s fragile head and neck to provide better protection. As a safety product, one of the most important parts is the restraint system. PriaFix adopts the five-point safety buckle invented by Swedish Holmbergs to provide safety protection the same as that of a racing car.

The PriaFix body shell structure was made through an integral injection molding process. The built-in steel structure runs through the entire chair body and will effectively resist the impact when a crash occurs, providing “hardcore” protection for the delicate body of the child.

At the same time, PriaFixs also performed extremely well in the anti-crash test. During the test, ubiquitous sensors on high-speed cameras, dummy and the test vehicle recorded and analyzed the data including the movement of the child’s head, the support obtained, acceleration on the child’s chest, head, and pelvis, pressure on the neck, and abdomen. All the test results guarantee the quality of the PriaFix car seats which provides truly safe and reliable protection for the child.

In terms of operation, PriaFix uses the base body separation method for easy handling, installation, and disassembly. The forward and reverse conversion of PriaFix is ​​also very convenient. After thorough consideration of convenience, both the way of installation and the headrest adjustment are based on humanized design. The headrest and backrest are equipped with 10 gears and 6 gears respectively, which are suitable for children from 0-7 years old.
  • from birth to 7 years
  • newborn – 25kg
  • dual-facing conversion
  • air protect
  • security system
  • enhanced safety
  • Isofix & top tether
  • Weights : 
    • Net weight : 13.50 kg
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