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Minimeis G5 Carriers

Minimeis G5 Carriers

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Introducing the Minimeis G5 - Generation 5: Eco-Friendly Comfort & Convenience!

Elevate your family adventures while making a positive impact on the planet with our latest innovation, the Minimeis G5. We've taken a giant leap forward by crafting this exceptional child carrier from recycled plastic materials, contributing to a more sustainable future for our little explorers.

Simplified Leg Straps: Say goodbye to foot buckle clips! The Minimeis G5 features a velcro leg strap design, offering the ultimate in simplicity and ease of use. We love this upgrade!

Experience the Difference: With the Minimeis G5, you're not just carrying your child; you're creating lifelong memories together. Whether you're hiking, sightseeing, or attending outdoor events, this carrier empowers you to share extraordinary moments with your little one in unparalleled comfort and style.


Meet the new baby and child shoulder carrier developed by Norwegian dads!

MiniMeis was created to make it fun, easy, and safe to go on adventures with your child. The MiniMeis carrier gives your child a perfect view of the world, from the safety of your shoulders. Providing comfort and free hands for the both of you. A TIME magazine best invention, we are proud of making kids around the world happy.


Comfort for the parent is provided by placing the child on a specially designed seat, hovering just above your shoulders, relieving your neck and shoulders from direct stress. The weight of the child is evenly distributed through the carriers’ body, which enables longer walks in comfort and style, with happy kids.


While discovering the world, your child sits safely on your shoulders secured by a waist belt and leg straps. A harness with shoulder straps is included to give extra upper body support for the smallest kids (6-10 months). An extendable padded seat provides maximum comfort for the child. The supportive backrest is designed to help the child sit up straight while sitting in the carrier on your shoulders.


At only 1,5 kg (3,3 lb), the MiniMeis is the lightest framed child carrier on the market. Despite its super lightweight composition, the MiniMeis shoulder carrier is robust and strong. MiniMeis has passed all the safety standard tests by SGS in both the EU and the US. The carrier has been tested up to the set standard of 18 kg. That said, the durable material used on the MiniMeis can withstand more weight than you’d comfortably want to carry – so it’s really up to you, the parents, how much weight you want distributed on your shoulders.


The MiniMeis G4 is foldable like a laptop and can be worn as a sling when not in use. It is extremely easy to use, store and transport. Go on adventures with MiniMeis! 

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