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Nuna TRIV™ Next in Exclusive Rainbow Collection

Nuna TRIV™ Next in Exclusive Rainbow Collection

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Italian fashion designer, Georgette Polizzi, credits the colours of the rainbow with giving her strength to cope with life's difficulties.
This positive energy ignited the inspiration behind the limited-edition fashion collection designed by Georgette Polizzi, and luxuriously crafted by Nuna using a combination of both vibrant print and eclectically embroidered rainbow splashes, In this design-forward collaboration, Nuna and Georgette Polizzi are linked by a relationship of shared values for exquisite attention to detail, and a steadfast commitment to creating both safe and artfully stylish baby gear.

  • Artful expression
    The woven fabric with luxe modern textures was hand-selected to best highlight Georgette Poliza's creatively modern and colourful design.


  • All in the details                                                                                       Each product in the collection is stylishly detailed with an embroidered version of Georgette Polizzi's exclusive handwritten signature.


  • Tastefully eclectic
    Tasteful details, Uke exposed zippers and luxe leather trim, were intentionally kept subtle to allow the colours of this design-forward collection

L 85 x W 57.5 x H 105.5 cm

    • FOLDED:

L 31.5 x W 57.5 x H 69 cm

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